"The pursuit of perfection and the hunt for love takes us on a thrilling and mysterious ride."


Honest, true and raw. Vincent is searching for love in his isolated perfect life. He turns to online dating sites to meet the One! Steven catches his attention. Mystery and anxiousness builds a mood of desperation that transforms to chaos, curiosity and anticipation. A battle between perfection and passion; nervous romance leads to passion triumphing... or does it? Suspense builds as the battle takes place. Victory is in your perception.

Director's Statement

Directing "boy meets boy" was a unique experience for me. Not only did I get to work with a group of very talented actors, producers and film-makers, but I also had the exciting opportunity to work with an excellent little script, written by Simona Atias. And hopefully we've done the script justice.

The theme of "boy meets boy" drew me into the project instantly, because in it I saw a tragedy that I see often unfolding in the world around us today. This is the search for perfection; this idea that we must transform and change ourselves in order to be happy is pervasive in our society today. And I liked that the script explored the ramifications of this obsession in such a careful, elegant way.

Now, obviously, as film-makers, we wanted to push this theme a little bit. And this is where the super-natural element of our story comes into play. We wanted to play with the reality and un-reality of our story. But the story and theme could almost work without this element, to similar conclusion.

What I enjoyed the most on this project was our un-inhibited creative process. We had no blue print going into this. We let the material lead us. We opened up the entire process to see where it would take us. As a group, Production Designer Moe Curtain, DOP Rob Crone, Writer/Producer Simona Atias, and Actor Charles Zuckermann were all incredibly generous and open to any and all ideas. They are among some of the kindest artists I have ever worked with.

But the real hero of "boy meets boy", the man who oversaw this gutsy, daring project is Producer and Actor Mike Azevedo. Without his passion, his bold commitment, none of this would have happened. He welcomed us onto his project and into his home, and then selflessly stood back and allowed us to, together, as a group, create "Boy Meets Boy". We are all grateful and inspired by him."

- Jonathan MacPherson


Mike Azevedo

Mike Azevedo has been training and performing since 1993 starting out in Performing Arts at Thomas D'Arcy McGee then Fine Arts Program at Dawson College in Montreal followed by the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He also trained in Musical Theatre in New York. Mike performed on stage in The Courageous One, Beyond Therapy,Stagedoor, and The Crucible. In Vancouver on stage in The Chatroom and Beyond Therapy, which he also produced. His on screen career began with a TV pilot The Dorm. Since then he can be seen on screen in many productions including The Jackal , The L Word, Stargate Atlantis, Fido directed by acclaimed Canadian director Andrew Currie , recently Delete miniseries for Showtime TV, and various TV commercials. Boy Meets Boy is a vision come to life for Mike, he has been working on it for a number of years developing it to share his project with the world. Thanks to an amazing Producer, Director, Cast and Co-Stars it became a reality.

Charles Zuckermann

Charles has been acting for 30 years in film, television and on stage, from Montreal to Vancouver. He can be seen in Chronicles of Riddick with Vin Diesel, Scary Movie 3, Stan Helsing, Supernatural, Fringe, Stargate and muchmuch more. Working on Boy Meets Boy gave Charles the chance to stretch his acting muscles and working with a professional like Mike was an absolute joy.

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson is a multi-award winning theatre and film producer, writer, actor, director and teacher. He is the founding Artistic Director of Vancouver-based interdisciplinary theatre company The Virtual Stage ( He has been nominated for ten Jessie Awards and four Ovation Awards in multiple categories, winning two Jessies as producer of No Exit (The Virtual Stage / Electric Company), as well as winning the "Outstanding New Work" 2013 Ovation Award for his sci-fi musical comedy Broken Sex Doll. Andy's recent work includes writing, directing and producing the critically acclaimed site-specific, interactive, roving, smartphone-enabled theatre adventure series The Zombie Syndrome,now entering its third year. A 1993 graduate of Studio 58's professional acting training program, Andy's recent film and television performance credits include roles in Arrow, Supernatural, Finding Mrs. Claus, Fringe, Level Up, True Justice, Continuum and the feature film Cruel & Unusual.


Al Thompson, Amanda Zugloff, Adriana Sandoval, Ana Luisa Valdes, Andrea Ollenberger, Andrew Currie, Angela Giannoulis, Angeliki Goumenis, Annette Beards, Avery Klenman, Barrie MacLeod,Bev Gandara, Brian Fortier, Brian Jaggard, Brian Mowry, Bruce Dawes, Cam Carruthers, Carl Ramsay, Carmelo Milo, Carol Brandt, Carter Kagume, Cheryl Das Rathbone, Chris Kean, Colin Ollenberger, Columbus Construction, Craig Mitchell, Dagmar Rodinger, Dame Mailarta, Danielle Hull, Darren J Thompson, Irene Muller, Dawn-Leah McDonald, Deborah Gillam Harry, Denise Hamilton, Dennis Cooper, Derek Green, Diane Thompson, Didier J Desmedt, Domenick Yoney, Echoe Ryan, Eliza Waddell, Elizabeth Ramalho, Evans Forlidas, Faith Guarin, Farshid Rafiei, Faustino Di Bauda, Francesca Sorace, Fraser Dow, Gord Donas, Gualter Azevedo, Heather Shay, Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte, James Melcher, Jason Bay, Jeff Gravistin, Jeffrey Michael, Jennifer Sims, Jeremy Reinbolt, Jordan Whiteside, Julie Coster, Julie Schnekenburger, Kenneth Roberts, Kenton Reid McBurney, Kuro T. Kuroda, Laura Mora, Lennie Olafson, Linda Berti, Linda Carter, Linnette Wiebe, Loic Lepage, Maijah Lewk Talent, Malick MaCall, Marcella Rodinger, Margarita Romano, Maria Elissa Jaggard, Mark May, Mathilde Bleuze, Miguel Da Silva, Mike Wollin, Miki May, Mona A. Ahdab, Nancy Ayres, Nancy Criss, Nathalie Dionne, Nazim Demircan, Olga Mancini, Olivier Kleb, Patrick Lucas, Paul Davies, Pauline Moshier, Penny Dawes, Penny Goryk, Peter Hartmann, Pierre Ladouceur, Ralph Sonen, Richard Mayede, Rob Gill, Robert Bennett, Roberto Pacheco, Rochefort Marion, Rod Christiansen, Rosalind Merkley, Sal Gallagher, Salvador Spassov, Sam Penhall, Sara Rose, Scott Macleay, Shannon Marshall, Sharon Russell, Simon Duplus, Sophie Zonnis, Stavros Darvoudis, Steven Cork, Tania Brown, Teresa Laverty, Tim Goryk, Tom Rodinger, Trevor Olson, Trinity Plumbing & Heating, Ty Bannerman, Valentin Oros, Viki Zerdok, Zohra Shahalimi, Zoe McDermott, Zyrack Dean Osmon, Dale Roberts, David James Lewis, Paul Ivan Labelle, Carmen Fantillo, Kelly Schedewitz, Linda Shih, Peter Durnford, Arlene O'Meara, Michael Cole, Reynaldo Guarin, Reizel Franz Guarin

Special Thanks: John Turnbull Waldo
Supporting Mentor & Special Thanks: Oscar Winner, Dustin Lance Black


Story by: Mike Azevedo and Simona Atias
Executive Producer: Mike Azevedo
Producer: Simona Atias
Director: Jonathan MacPherson
Cinematography by: Rob Crone
Edited by: Zachary Kerr Holden
Production Designer: Moe Curtin
Screenplay by: Simona Atias
Composer: Joe Docherty
Gaffer: Corey Jacques
Key Grip: Chester Dixon
First Assistant Camera: Salomon Saade
Second Assistant Camera: Mike Baire
DIT: Stephen Grobe
Script Supervisor: Amandine DuFraise
Sound Mixer: Brian Lyster
Costume Designer: Keith Parent
Key Make-up: Kate Nicol
Location Manager: Lorne Seifred
Key Production Assistant: Nick Norris
Still Photographer: Bettina Strauss
Post-Production Supervisor: Zachary Kerr Holden
Craft & Catering: Lorne Seifred & Simona Atias
Associate Producers: John Turnbull Waldo, George Waldo, Ann Waldo, Mike Walsh, Kim Nguyen, Shelby Cammer, Paul Agelidis, Rachael Robson White, Ana Juergensen, Vanessa Seecharran, Didier J Desmedt

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